About Me


I begun my studies at the University of Leeds, obtaining an MMath BSc degree in mathematics. Throughout my studies I discovered that the areas within mathematics that I enjoyed were closely related to the theory behind sound propagation and audio signal processing. I completed a small project in my penultimate year entitled “Eliminating the Gibbs Effect”  and a more substantiative one in my final year entitled “Acoustic Scattering“. Both of these allowed me to expand on my mathematical knowledge, with a clear view to its applications in signal processing and acoustics respectively.

I am now currently studying for the MSc degree in Audio and Music Technology at the University of York. I have undergone various modules of interest, such as learning to code iOS apps in the swift programming language; creating a tempo detection system using Arduino and Max/MSP; applying digital audio effects such as filters using knowledge of the z-domain and transfer functions in MATLAB. I am hoping to expand on all my current knowledge when completing the research project this summer.

In my spare time, I have taken an interest in digital audio theory and music composition. Furthermore, I have begun to use computer software to create compositions. I have been involved with the Yorkshire Sound Women Network and attended a workshop run by them on the live coding language ‘ixi lang’. I have also been teaching myself the basics of another live coding language- ‘SuperCollider’ and am teaching myself the fundamentals of the Max/MSP graphical programming language. I enjoy using computer software to enhance the compositional experience and to practically examine audio.